Hey! My name is Andra. Nice to meet you! I started my company back in August of 2018. It all started when I went with my kids to one of my favorite shopping outlets. You know that place at the checkout, the place that is every mothers’ nightmare? Tiny, little accessories EVERYWHERE – right at the level of a 7,6,5, and 3 year old. Just perfect to get their cute little hands on. There it was. The cutest scrunchie with a matching scarf attached to it and I had to have it! Also, I needed to get out of there as fast as I could because the, once nicely organized, checkout shelves were now starting to look like a scene from Jumanji. When I got home, I pulled the scrunchie scarf out of my bag and styled it in my hair. It was amazing! I loved the way it made me feel. I needed it in a million colors! So, I pulled out my dusty old sewing machine (actually it was a new Singer and not really dusty because it had a nice, plastic cover over it, but let’s just roll with it) and made one in cream, blush, and grey similar to the original one, only my design was cooler! The scarf could be removed from the scrunchie and BAM – I now had a 2-in-1 hair accessory that could be styled in a million different ways (don’t check my math on that – I am right). My mom and sisters were jealous of my amazing hair accessories, so naturally I had to make them some! The popularity continued so I started selling on Etsy and now I have my own website, sell in stores, and wholesale to other boutiques. My favorite part about all of this, is getting to meet all of you beautiful ladies out there! You are beautiful inside and out and you ALL have naturally fantastic hair. I grew up in the age of Disney’s Princess Diaries (the first one – yes I am getting old), and unfortunately believed that in order to be a princess, or be accepted in this world, I needed to change my look completely. I straightened my curls for 15 years! I was embarrassed if anyone saw my hair in its natural state – it’s quite wild! It took some serious ME-time to be confident in myself and realize that I was worth more than my hair. That is why I proudly support all hair types! My handmade accessories don’t hair-scriminate – and look great on everyone! Don’t be afraid to be you!

Wear. Life. Colorfully.